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Product Description

Product Description

The transmission of the fan is verified by dynamic and static balance. The centrifugal opening system reduces the wind resistance and greatly improves the efficiency of  the fan. When the fan is not running, the strong spring can close the shutter firmly. And the shroud is made of solid, coated steel plywood, and the shutters are made of coated sheet to ensure high strength. The middle hub  and V-belt are made of die-cast aluminum and are equipped with strengthen the CZPT to increase the useful life.





QTY of blade

QTY of shutter

Diameter of blade


Air flow  (0Pa) m³/h[cfm/W]]

Air Flow (-25Pa) m³/h[cfm/W]]

Air flow (-50Pa) m³/h[cfm/W]]





























IEC motor protection class: IP55

Motor insulation grade: F



Why Choose Us

1. We are a manufactuer specialized in Farming machines, own more than 20 years experiences,and a complete production  line can provide various products you need.

2. Professional design team and skilled technicians to customize your installation plan.

3. Use top class raw materials, frame,shutter and famous motor, 100% cooper wire.

4. Produced by well trained workers, all goods are strictly tested before packed.

5. CNC machining cutting processing, high accuracy.


1.Stainless steel blade:with big air volume,never distorted and broken, the angle of the blades is patented designed.  6 pieces stainless steel blades and the fan has all passed the experiment of homeostasis with big air volume, without deformation n, no breaking, attractive and durable.

2.Fan Frame: made from highly galvanized steel sheets in order to assure highest strength and strong resistance  to corrosion. the layer of galvanization more than 180g/m2,one-off molding frame.

3.experiment of homeostasis make the blade work smoothly,nearly no noise and steadily output of air

4.Belt Pulley: The V type belt pulley is aluminum magnesium alloy injection molded, light weight, high-strength.

5.Adopt auto belt-10sioner which can adjust the loose or tighten of belt and never drop

6.Bearing: France imported bearing, high intensity, low noise, long service life.

Air cooling fans are used for maintaining good air circulation and temperature in poultry farms. Our 36″ air  circulating fans can be used for various applications, like poultry farms, industrial buildings etc., providing high efficiency. These fans are available in both single phase and 3 phase motor option. In order to get an  aerodynamic air flow, this fan is designed with a wide inlet and outlet opening and aerodynamic blade shape to cut the air at inlet and spread it evenly all over the flow area. A high grade quality material and latest technology  is used in manufacturing these air circulating fans. Fan hanging option available, with adjustable angle of fan to get the air flow as per requirement.




Quick and easy to install.

Low running cost and Low noise operation.

Statically and dynamically balanced body, resulting in low vibration and good stability of fan.

Considering the poultry use, these fans have been designed and made to sustain in dusty and moist environment  in the poultry house.

Running on as low as 1/2 HP (370 W) motor with 960 rpm, which can reach the air at a distance of about 50 feet.

It controls the mortality rate during the months of summer

Wire guard safety provided on both side of fan, and designed to restrict the entry of big rats into the fan resulting  in no damage of fan rotating parts.

These air circulating fans have non-corrosive housing and based on advanced working principle.

Fan is portable and can be made to stand even on rough surfaces.

Ensures high performance and longer service life.


Principals of Ventilation of Poultry with Exhaust Fans

In the enclosed of building where the poultry farm is confined air replacement system is needed. Otherwise it  may change air composition. These results can increase the concentration of carbon dioxide, ammonia and many other harmful gases to the unacceptable levels. In the following, Table 1 indicates that the critical and also the  desired level of some of the gases which research has shown. Harmful gases and undesirable odors causes the respiration problem and also waste the decomposition is carried the system and brings the oxygen needed to sustain  life by changing the air in the building. The system keeps airborne disease and organism at a tolerable level to the bird’s CZPT by diluting them.

There are 2 kinds of ventilation systems: These are: (1) natural air flow system and (2) mechanical air movement  (fans). Because of varying the ventilation required to provide comfort to the chickens during the varying climatic conditions at a minimum cost. These 2 completely different systems are sometimes combined.

How to Measure the Fan Capacity and Size for Your Poultry?

The amount of air of a fan moves depending on the shape of the blades, diameter of the blades, horsepower (hp)  of the motor, speed at which the blades turn (rpm), design of the shroud and also other attachments such as louvers. The air moving capacity of a fan is depends on these combined factors. Cubic feet, or volume, of air moved  per minute (cfm) fan capacity is measured .We get 1 of the most efficient and affordable exhaust fan for any size or ant type of chicken poultry. To get a farm idea and to know what it needs  to ensure the perfect ventilation system that you can have a look on it.

Considering The Energy Efficiency Along Exhaust Fans

When selected fans are for the animal ventilation system, energy efficiency will become an important issue which can expresse as airflow per unit of input energy, or cfm/watt.  Various fans are manufacturer to tests the energy efficiency of fans. At the University of Illinois The Agricultural Engineering Department, Bio-environmental and Structural Systems Laboratory (BESS) tests the efficiency rate.  This tests are done on 36-inch diameter blade fans by this lab which showed a wide range of variation in both energy efficiency (8.3 to 18.6 cfm/watt) at 1/10″ static pressure and fan performance (6,400 to 13,000 cfm). The dimension is supposed to adjust the any type of chicken farm  is the proposed as the dimension of CZPT poultry farm exhaust fans.

Tips For Replacing a Belt Tensioner

When replacing a serpentine belt or automatic tensioner, you will need a special tool. This tool has a long, flat extension handle that allows you to place a socket onto the bolt and flats on the tensioner arm. The following are some tips to follow when replacing the belt or tensioner on your vehicle. To replace your belt or tensioner, you should start by checking the tensioner’s lubrication.

Serpentine belt

If you notice that the power steering or air conditioning are not working, you should check the serpentine belt tensioner. A malfunctioning serpentine belt tensioner can lead to a host of other issues. The belt may stretch, which can be caused by several factors. Over time, serpentine belt tensioners can also get worn down. Additionally, they can have a variety of other problems, including rust or dirt in the housing.
You can replace your serpentine belt by following the instructions found on your vehicle’s manual. Some tensioners attach to the engine via a single bolt. To remove and replace the belt, remove the old unit and the retaining bolt. Locate the locking pin in the engine and place the new tensioner over it. Use a torque wrench or hand tool to tighten the bolts. When installing the new tensioner, be sure to line up the mounting bolt holes with the mounting bolts. Once the tensioner is installed, test the tension by ensuring that the gauge is above the ribs. If it slides down, it is time to replace the tensioner.
Before you begin the process of replacing your serpentine belt, be sure to park your vehicle in a level area. Turn off the engine and chock both rear wheels before starting the process. Using a diagram from your vehicle’s repair manual can make the process easier, especially if you are a beginner. You can draw it in your hand, or refer to a repair manual to find out the exact location of the tensioner pulley.
If you notice that the belt is slipping or squealing while driving, it may be time to replace the serpentine belt tensioner. A worn-out belt can cause the belt to slip and can cause power steering, air conditioning, and alternator malfunctions. You should also check the belt tensioner regularly. The motor may stall or make a loud noise. These are all signs of worn-out serpentine belt.
A serpentine belt uses less space in the engine than a V-belt. It also provides more tension for the serpentine belt, which prevents it from running hot and squealing. Serpentine belts are manufactured to last for several hundred thousand miles. They are a must-have item for your car! So be sure to keep it maintained and properly adjusted! Then, you can be sure to have your car running smoothly and safely.
If you notice any of these symptoms, you should replace your serpentine belt tensioner. A serpentine belt tensioner is a simple self-10sioning device that is mounted on the front of the engine. These devices are usually easy to replace and are not complicated to install. You can find 1 at any parts store or online. When the time comes to replace your serpentine belt, don’t hesitate to get the parts you need from a local auto part store.

Idler pulley

The idler pulley and the belt tensioner are essential components of your car’s drivetrain. If any 1 of them fails, all of them must be replaced. This is because they were manufactured at the same time and most likely have the same number of miles on them. As a result, they can all fail within a few thousand miles of each other. Here are some of the symptoms that you should look for when inspecting your idler pulley or belt tensioner.
Idler pulleys are a common part of most cars. They play a vital role in the operation of the belt system by directing the belt’s path and providing additional contact with the pulley. The idler pulley is also responsible for turning the cooling fan in an air-cooled Corvair engine. Because of these functions, idler pulleys are often replaced with idlers that differ in size.
Idler pulleys are small, 2 to 4 inches in diameter and mounted on the front of the engine block. Their purpose is to create a constant amount of tension on the drive belt. When the idler pulley is worn out, the accessory drive belt may experience excessive vibration and squealing noises. You may wish to replace it as soon as possible. You can do so at AutoZone.
A worn or damaged idler pulley will require a replacement. The belt itself will not fall off the car unless the idler pulley is damaged. A squealing sound can be a sign of a broken spring. Alternatively, a mechanic can recommend a replacement based on the condition of the idler pulley. In most cases, idler pulleys are more durable than the belts and are therefore recommended for replacement.
You can also notice that the idler pulley is slipping or causing excessive noise. Its constant rotation wears the idler pulley and reduces the tension of the belt. This causes the belt to slip and may even tear off the engine. Ultimately, this could result in stalling. And if you notice the engine belt squealing or making excessive noises, you should consider replacing it.
An idler pulley for a belt tensioner are often confused. Though both of them are used in the same application, they differ in many ways. The tensioner is the 1 that receives pressure from the belts and moves them. The idler pulley is not attached to an adjustable bolt, and it can cause unusual noises. It might even make squealing or odd noises.

Spring tensioner

A spring belt tensioner is a solution to a loose belt. It features a strong torsion spring that reduces slack. These devices are designed to fit up to 6mm wide belts. They are highly reliable and durable. They are also suitable for applications where the engine speed is often fluctuating. Here’s how you can choose the best 1 for your vehicle. The spring in the tensioner should be in the proper position to keep the belt taut and free of slippage.
The RunRight tensioner is a durable, high-quality product that uses aluminum alloy. Its elastomeric inserts rely on highly elastic natural rubber for good shape memory and durability. Spring tensioners are easy to install and maintain. They are designed for both axial and helical drives. They feature detailed technical drawings and 3-D models to help you determine the best 1 for your application. To choose a spring tensioner, visit our website.
A worn bushing in the tensioner pulley or a loose pivot arm can result in excessive noise, vibration, and premature belt failure. In addition, worn springs cannot maintain proper tension. Over time, they lose tension. The pulley arm itself can also become damaged, preventing it from rotating properly. If these problems occur, you’ll need to replace the spring tensioner. If you don’t see any signs of wear, check your mounting bracket and tensioner.
A worn pivot bushing can cause the tensioner arm to misalign, leading to excessive back and forth sway. It may also cause the tensioner to jam, which means the belt is too long or too short. If you notice excessive wobble, you should replace the spring tensioner. A faulty tensioner may also be causing excessive oscillation in the pulley. To determine if the spring tensioner is too weak or jammed, check the belt’s length by using a breaker bar or socket with a long handle ratchet.
When it’s time to replace your serpentine belt, don’t forget to replace the belt tensioner. The tensioner protects other components from premature failure. It is a relatively inexpensive repair. It should be replaced as part of a larger multi-ribbed belt. It also provides protection for other components of the drive system. In addition to its protection and performance, the tensioner is inexpensive and relatively easy to replace.
It’s vital to check the tensioner and idler pulleys to make sure the system is aligned properly. If they don’t align, the belt will slip and cause premature wear. Alternatively, the tensioner may have too much tension, overloading the shaft bearings and causing premature failure in other parts. You should also check the idler pulleys for noise as well, since these are engine-driven accessories.

China Hot selling Poultry Farm Exhaust Fan     with Great qualityChina Hot selling Poultry Farm Exhaust Fan     with Great quality